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Cloud Based Spatial Data Management for Global Oil and Gas Companies

Spatial on Demand is a cloud-based spatial data management and delivery platform used by over 60 of the largest Energy Companies in the world. We manage the data needed to compete in today's energy business - so you can discover, produce and develop energy resources quickly and efficiently.

Spatial on Demand provides energy companies an enterprise-wide solution that allows users to quickly and easily find and access imagery, elevation, geologic and other data sets - directly in the workflows that users already use.

Spatial on Demand offers key advantages to Energy Organizations:

All the Data you need to Understand and Manage your Assets - manage your work - not your data!

Spatial Energy has the largest spatial data library in the World - Custom-built for the Energy Industry

Our data sets are global, regional and active play focused - both onshore and offshore - over 70 in total. Data include Bing Maps, Google Maps WMS, Satellite Data, Aerial Photography, Elevation Models, geologic data, marine, topographic maps and more. New Data sets are instantly available as they are updated. Spatial on Demand makes that data easy to sort, filter, select and use.  Read more about our latest data sets for:

We also provide hosting of your proprietary data - at a 40% or greater savings over internal solutions. We have over 50 terabytes of customer data securely managed in the cloud today and we're adding data every week.

Search All Potential Data sets from a Single Source - Cutting through the Clutter and Lost Time

Tired of checking multiple websites and search tools to find data from different companies? With Spatial on Demand you can search all of the commercial libraries from one site. Spatial on Demand 4.0 provides enhanced search capabilities. Click here to see the features of Spatial on Demand 4.0.  Read the 4.1 Release Notes.

Our customers have achieved return on investment (ROI) of over 100% in the first year - in saved time, saved hardware and software costs - while reducing lost time to find data - To perform your own ROI, contact us for our Spatial on Demand ROI tool.

Advanced Tools: Select data from within your desktop mapping or geologic software - Directly

We focus on making the data easy to find, select and use - with our E-Button - you can search for data directly from your workflow or project in the software you use every day. To learn more about the software packages currently supported, contact us.

Use the Data in the Ways Oil and Gas Teams Already Work

Support for your custom web applications, GIS packages, or Geology/Geophysical applications from a Cloud Based System

Companies save tremendous amounts of time when everyone is using the same data to make decisions. Spatial on Demand helps push your best data to all users regardless of their application or level of expertise. The list of software packages that support direct access to Spatial on Demand are listed here.

Instead of spending time preparing data - stream it directly into your application using industry standard delivery protocols - simple point and click to the data you need

We are experts in making data usable - we can cut the amount of time you spend getting data ready by over 50% - allowing you to focus on your project - not just the data for your project. Spatial Energy delivers data via Web Map Service (WMS), Web Coverage Service (WCS), Web Feature Service (WFS), Tiled Web Services, KML and more.

Support of your Global Users - Wherever they Work: Office, Offline or in the Field

With over five years in the Cloud, we specialize in making data accessible to users around the Globe. Spatial on Demand allows users to download data for use offline, further processing or use in the field. Our customers are using a variety of tools in the field, and later this year, we'll release our Ipad Application - TapSpatial®.

Focused on Global Performance and Collaboration- More than five years in the Cloud already

Map Services allow for the fastest delivery of data - at HQ and in your Field Offices

We deliver the data in the best format or service type based on the applications you are using and monitor delivery performance around the globe every 90 seconds. We have measured 40% increases in map services delivery in each of the last three years.

Rapid Deployment and integration with your existing systems

Users can typically start using imagery to end users within 24 hours of contract signing. Our system also closely integrates with existing Data Management and Delivery Systems - From ESRI, ERDAS, and others - allowing for increased data content to be delivered seamlessly - with faster learning, and less training.

Powerful Tools and Support for Collaboration

Spatial on Demand is built to support collaboration and use within large Global companies that require the ability to collaborate on projects. Our support of large-scale plotting, annotation and mapping tools provide this support. In Spatial on Demand 4.0, users can mash up internal web services and third-party data services. For more about Spatial on Demand 4.0, click here. Read the 4.1 Release Notes.

Contact Spatial Energy for Access to Spatial on Demand Today. or 303.635.1048


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