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Imagery & Data TapSpatial®

Tap into Imagery and Spatial Data—Anywhere!

TapSpatial by Spatial Energy is an iPad app that allows users access to an up-to-date and high resolution global imagery base map and many other spatial data layers. It has a simple, easy to use interface to let users aggregate internal company data layers with external data sources, quickly download selected datasets for selected areas and take the data for offline use.

 Learn more about TapSpatial

The application can be downloaded from Apple’s ITunes store. Users can purchase subscription from Spatial Energy to access both advanced contents and app features, as well as content management services and technical supports.

What’s New – read all about what’s new in Release v.1 by clicking here

•  New Features for Content Mash-up: import, export and feature queryTapSpatial iPad app screen
•  New and Improved Offline Caching Capabilities
•  New Features for Map Navigation
•  New Features for Mark-Up Tools, Coordinate Display and Conversion

Why TapSpatial?
•   In and out of office, you have your data with you on your iPad
•  Anytime you go into the field, your data is with you
•  Take your enterprise operations on your iPad to the field – online or offline, you can access your company data
•  Unlike other iPad applications, TapSpatial uses web services to access spatial content from multiple sources including Spatial Energy, ESRI, company proprietary content, and other geospatial servers.

Check out the TapSpatial application on the App Store – click here

As a Spatial on Demand® subscriber from Spatial Energy, you can have mobile access to your data anywhere, anytime—with or without internet access. Our local “Caching” of data provides the capability to extract a set of layers over a given area for use when you are offline. It also has a handy markup tool, specifically designed for oil and gas companies, for making quick drawings and notes on the map and sending screenshots or photos through email.

Watch the Introduction to TapSpatial Video

The TapSpatial mobile solution gets key spatial content of a subscriber’s organization beyond the office desktop and “out” into the hands of field personnel, whether they are online or offline.

Learn more about TapSpatial

Want to know more?

TapSpatial Users Guide
TapSpatial FAQ
TapSpatial Support

Contact Spatial Energy for access to TapSpatial and Spatial on Demand today:
TapSpatial@spatialenergy.com or 303-635-1048.

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