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Image Collection:

Spatial Energy provides geospatial services using remote sensing imagery from QuickBird, Ikonos,WorldView-1, LandSat, SPOT, MODIS, ASTER satellites, and from digital aerial cameras such as the UltraCam, ADS40, and DMC.  In addition to multi-spectral imagery from the above sources, Spatial Energy provides digital elevation data (DEM) derived from LIDAR data, UltraCam, and other sources. 

Imagery is available on demand from our extensive data archives, by tasking satellites/aerial providers, and by speculative collection.  Spatial Energy has established preferred relationships with the leading data providers and can thus select the best source(s) to meet your particular application.  In addition, programs such as the Spatial Energy Partner Program (EPP), R-Watch, and Spatial on Demand provide simplified, cost effective access to imagery. 


Imagery Services Change Detection

Change Detection

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Additional Info Spatial Energy companies need accurate and timely information about their worldwide assets, including facilities and disturbed land features resulting from exploration.  Collecting such data through field surveys is time consuming and costly.  As an alternative, Spatial Energy offers Change Detection services using temporal sequence of imagery to monitor and quantify changes of user specific features over time. High and medium resolution satellite imagery is collected and then analyzed using proprietary algorithms to identify spatial, spectral and temporal characteristics.  Robust and timely maps depict land feature changes and associated statistics.

Change Detection Services Offered

Change detection can be used for variety of applications, such as the quantification of re-vegetation activities in disturbed areas; monitoring of facilities, movement of oil spills (land and sea), pipeline encroachment, and changes in ice/snow extent.  Because imagery used in this process is ortho-rectified, Spatial Energy can customize the feature map such that it can be leveraged fits within the customer’s decision system to support production management, analysis of disturbances due to exploration activities and logistic planning.

The changed map resulting from the change detection process shows the spatial distribution of changed features within a specified area of interest.  The process uses imagery collected before (baseline) and after the changes occur to help identify features from baseline imagery, monitor their condition, and identify new features of interest based on subsequent imagery. All changed features and associated statistics are provided in map formats ready for ingest in the customer’s decision support system.

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Additional Information
Spatial Energy is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive suite of imagery solutions and geospatial data and image processing services for oil and gas companies operating worldwide. For additional information regarding our services, please contact us via phone or email.

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